LYONS, N.Y. (WENY) -- A Texas police officer accused of helping kill two people in Wayne County last October has pleaded guilty to conspiracy, ABC affiliate 13WHAM reports.

Bron Bohlar is one of three arrested in connection to the murders of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn. Bohlar was extradited from Texas after the two were killed on October 22. 

The other two suspects, Timothy Dean and his wife, Charlene Childers, are charged with murder. Police say Childers was in a custody battle with Niles, her ex-boyfriend, over their two children. 

Bohlar is accused of renting a car for Dean and discussing murder plans with both him and Childers. Dean reportedly used to serve as a police chief for the Sunray Police Department in Texas, but was fired this year. Bohlar is an officer for that same department. 

Bohlar's attorney, James Riotto, said Bohlar did rent a car for Dean, but out of an act of kindness rather than to have it used to commit murders. 

"At the time, renting a car was seemingly a considerate act for a friend who was down on his luck," said Riotto in a statement to 13WHAM. "Unfortunately the signs he overlooked were because of a misplaced sense of friendship and it resulting in tragedy for which he is truly sorry." 

Bohlar could face up to a minimum of 15 years in state prison if convicted.