HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Today in Horseheads the Economic Opportunity Program held a furniture sale to help repurpose various items from the Broad Street School and Head Start.

Several tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture were purchased and carted off to serve new purposes at places such as daycares, libraries, and even personal residences. Without this event run by the EOP, most of the furniture would've just been discarded as trash.

During the sale I spoke with EOP Chief Program Officer Bill Brodginski, and he told me, "We've never had a sale like this. Typically, we would use and then discard the broken items, and then replace them with new ones. Because of the reorganization this year, we had to haul all of it at once. We couldn't pay to store it, and we didn't want to store it. We wanted to get it out into the community."

According to EOP officials, the majority of everything up for grabs was gone in less than two hours from the beginning of the sale on Saturday morning!