BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- Every year, Valentine's Day reminds us to love one another a little bit extra. On Monday, Congressman Tom Reed and some local residents went to the Bath VA to show their love and appreciation to our local veterans and hand out valentines. 

"To pass on the tradition and also the lesson to this generation and to send the message to the vets here today that we never forget,"  said New York's 23rd District Representative, Tom Reed. "We're forever grateful and we'll always be in their corner. Just to see this exchange, it's heartwarming, it's inspiring and it's something I just enjoy doing each and every year."

This is the 12th year the veterans have received valentines. With most of the them coming from several local schools and nursing homes in the Twin Tiers. For Congressman Reed, he believes this event gives the community a chance to show their love to our nation's heroes. 

"Reinforce the message each and every year so we never forget that our vets are one of our precious, valuable assets of our country and that they have done so much for us and the least we can do is at least once a year come up and say thank you and we'll never forget," said Reed. 

In addition to members of the community, the Sons of the American Legion were also on hand to help spread the love. But for the veterans, all the love they received means a lot. 

"It shows they care," said Vietnam Veteran, Ron Hewitt. "Everybody cares and that's very important. The veterans, we appreciate it."