ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)--Tonight the Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Service held a community meeting about the future plans for the previous Immaculate Conception school on Buffalo Street. INHS is the new owner of the property and wants to make sure that they are keeping the communities opinion in mind. The former Immaculate Conception school building holds historic value to the community, due to its age and length of time residing on Buffalo Street. The main idea for the future of the building is affordable housing, which is always a community concern, but INHS wants to hear from the public to make sure that is what they want.

"We haven't heard too much from what the community wants other then the fact that they'd love for it to be preserved which is one of our priorities because it means so much to the community and the neighborhood for immaculate conception to be identifiable for years to come," says Justina Fetterly, Strategic Communications Manager.

For anyone who missed tonight's meeting, there will be another meeting held on March 28th at the GIACC.