TROY, Pa (WENY)-- Western Alliance Emergency Services, based in Troy, is asking for the community's help in order to continue to serve the areas they cover.

On Friday night, volunteers along with paid full-time employees gathered at the Western Alliance headquarters to address concerns about where the company currently stands. The non-profit says they don't have the volunteers they once had, and to top it off, only have $2,000 in the bank account. A new business model was laid out tonight for the staff that included what the future staffing pattern will look like along with a plan on how the company will save money and get back on track in the next 90 days. 

"It's that interim that's very very critical for us these next 90 days. If anyone can help with that, that's great, donations are wonderful, said Chief Tom Carmen. We hope that the community and business are able to support us."

In the past, Western Alliance has never held a fund drive to ask for the communities help. Now times have changed and they say "the helpers need help."

"I would urge anyone who has the time to do to volunteer, said Charles Bailey. I's since turned into a career for me that I absolutely love and can't imagine doing any other job."