ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The City of Elmira is seeking more money to address its vacant housing problem, specifically zombie properties. 

On Tuesday, Elmira City Council unanimously approved the measure to move forward with a grant application. A property is determined to be a "zombie location" when the mortgage lender had already begun a foreclosure process, but then is forced out to allow the property to be sold. That, in turn, essentially cancels out the foreclosure. 

City officials say they're hoping to get about $50,000 in this second round of zombie property grant funding, available through the NYS Attorney General's Office. If awarded, the funding will help the city bring in a few more jobs as well. 

"What we plan on doing with that is hiring two part-time code officers to go through and identify all those vacant properties in the city and keep on top of those. We did that with zombie-one grant. This will just continue that process. It's about fighting the blight in the city," says Elmira City Mayor Dan Mandell.

The zombie property grant funding would also coincide with the City's RISE grant. Elmira is aiming for to win the next round of that program. The city could be awarded between $500,000 and $1 million to help further address and rehabilitate vacant and abandoned properties.