HAMMONDSPORT, N.Y. (WENY)-- If you love motorcycles, old and new, the Curtiss museum has the event for you this weekend. WinterCycle Therapy is in town for the weekend!

"It's just a little bit of everything. Dirt bikes, road bikes, old stuff, new stuff, rusty all the way up to showroom quality," says Ben Johnson, Executive Director; Curtis Museum 

WinterCycle weekend is in its ninth year of showcasing new and old cycles. Over 150 bikes, from the early 1900s to now, are brought from all over the area for this weekend event.

"The folks around here just love it. And the motorcycle community in this part of the state, in this part of the country really enjoys having something to do in the winter time, because they've been four or five months without being able to get out on their bike or do anything really fun like that," says Johnson

This is the seventh year they have had an inside event, thanks to their dedicated coordinator Bob Harris, who started it all. 

"I started out 2004 with about 30 to 40 bikes and 30 to 40 people and we've ended up getting way to big," says Bob Harris, Motorcycle and outreach events coordinator; Curtiss Museum

 Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the WinterCycle Therapy event at the museum--as long as you are willing to have a good time and enjoy some motorcycle history. 

"It's just getting together and bench racing and talking about old bikes. We've got a lot of great people and a lot of great bikes showed up this year so. I mean it's all relative to what you want it to be," says Harris 

And if you are curious to why this show stands out amongst the rest.   

"The stuff that comes in here, you will never see some of these again. From the 1908 Indian to our Curtiss motorcycles, which just don't exist hardly anywhere in the world. So you will definitely see things that you will never see anywhere else," says Johnson

For tickets and information about the event this weekend, you can click here to be direct to the Curtiss Museum website.