CHEMUNG COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) - There are new developments in the ongoing battle with Chemung County's Executive and the Legislature. Chemung County Executive Chris Moss says he filed a lawsuit against the legislature last week. Both parties are at odds over who has the right to appoint an attorney.

In a few weeks Chemung County Executive Chris Moss and the county legislature will face a judge to decide who is in the wrong. This comes after Moss fired Legislative & Special Districts Attorney Bryan Maggs, effective March 1st. Moss says he terminated Maggs for multiple ethic violations according the county's charter and ethics policy.

"Fostering a private agreement with Arbor Housing and the land bank, where he was suppose to be doing that work as a county attorney, so that's a conflict," says Moss. 

Moss went on to say that he believes he was elected for this position to clean up government. Much of the back-and-forth stems from both side's interpretation of the county charter.  Most recently on Monday, the legislature took action, passing a local law to amend the language of the charter. 

Moss added, "Last Monday night the legislatures attempted to amend the charter through a local law, which I don't believe they can do. Its up to a public referendum, the voters of Chemung County should decide if they want the charter changed, not 15 individuals." 

Chairman of the Chemung County Legislature, David Manchester released this statement regarding the lawsuit, "The executive has his own rules and policies to follow and by suing the legislature to take over some of those powers and to set policy when it's clearly been outlined and practiced for the last 35 years, it seems a shame to be going backward."

Vice Chairman John Burin also released a statement, "There are plenty of problems we need to deal with. We have high poverty rates. New York state is trying to increase unfunded mandates to the county. These are the real issues we need to work toward to resolve. That's what we were elected for."

They're scheduled to appear in State Supreme Court on Friday, April 5th.