TOWANDA, PA (WENY) -- Vietnam-era vets were honored for their service and sacrifice to our country in the Northern Tier. It was a packed house at the American Legion Post 42 in Towanda for the ceremony on Monday night.

Officials gave every eligible veteran a special Vietnam commemorative pin during the ceremony. Each veteran also got a handshake and most importantly a special "thank you" for their service.

Daniel Polinksi, an Army Veteran, said "I think the first message has to be it's not the warrior, it's the war, if you're unhappy with the war, you can be unhappy with the war, you can disagree with the war, but don't take it out on the warrior.  The warriors job is to fight the war, that's what soldiers do, you can't be against them the way a lot of people  were against Vietnam veterans coming home."

Pennsylvania State Representative Tina Pickett help host the ceremony, she said, "Today's event was a really outstanding opportunity for us to be able to say a giant welcome home and thank you to all the Vietnam veterans that were here today. There were a number of veterans that were here today, and it was just an absolute honor to be able to give them a special acknowledgment of what they did to serve this country during the Vietnam era war."

Moving forward, a resolution was recently passed in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives honoring all Vietnam veterans on March 29th -- every year.

Monday night's ceremony was also sponsored by Senator Pat Toomey.