NEW YORK, N.Y. (WENY) – The names of hundreds of boy scout leaders accused of sexual assault in New York and New Jersey were revealed today during press conferences in Manhattan and Newark, with several former troop leaders from the Southern Tier being named.

According law firm Jeff Anderson and Associates, since the 1920s, the Boy Scouts of America has “maintained an internal filing system of scout leaders accused of misconduct, including sexual abuse”.

Within these files, the report says, there was a category known as the “perversion files”.

According to the law firm, the files were created for individuals whose registration with the the Boy Scouts was revoked because of allegations of child sexual abuse.

“The 'perversion' files illustrate the Boy Scouts of America's longstanding knowledge of child sexual abuse in scouting.” said the firm in the report.

Through litigation, courts across the nation have required the public release of some of these files. Released today was what the law firm is calling The Anderson List of Sexual Abuse in the Boy Scouts of New York. The list contains the names of individuals associated with the Boy Scouts who have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors.

The Anderson List names five former local scout leaders that face allegations of child sex abuse:

Thomas Noyes of Troop 15
Guy Sparks of Troop 20

Richard Felker, Explorer 75 of Elmira and Sea Scouts 75 of Horseheads

Bradford Kaopuiki of Troop 11

Daryl VonNeida, Troop 50

As WENY News previously reported, VonNeida was convicted of 14 counts of sexual exploitation of children and transporting minors across state lines for illegal sexual activity in November 2013. Investigators told WENY News VonNeida met his victims through a church in Horseheads, and used his position as a volunteer photographer to gain the trust of the parents.

To read the full Anderson Report, click here.