HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) -- The popcorn was flowing and fans were out in full force Thursday night to catch the first screening of Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame."

People had been waiting nearly a year for the movie's release and according to those at the Arnot Mall, it did not disappoint.

Superfan Nick Dalrymple was one of the first out of Thursday's screening. In his Captian America costume, Dalrymple told WENY News "a lot of people are going to be telling their friends about this. It's a big movie." However, Dalrymple says you'll want to "bring tissues. Bring tissues for sure. There's a lot of sobbing the entire time, so be ready."

The series is one fans, like Micayla Cuomo, have been following for years. "I'm glad it was as long as it was. It felt like they really gave us time to enjoy the emotions, the laughter... enjoy the tears."  Cuomo added, "it was a great ending."

The Marvel movie brought in more than $120 million in presale tickets and according to analysts is on track to be the biggest worldwide openings ever.