CHEMUNG COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- Access to internet remains an ongoing issue for many people living in rural communities, including Chemung County. 

In February of 2018, we told you about a county-wide survey called the Chemung County Broadband Assessment. The results of that project showed that while 15% of people who participated did not have internet access at their homes or business, a much larger 38% reported being unable to purchase the speed of broadband service they need. 

The county is currently working to bring more rural internet options to people living in places with limited to no access to get online. 

"There's availability - that's what the county is working on - and then there will be affordability and adoption. And adoption and affordability go together, because if you can't afford it, you're not going to get it," says Daniel Delorme, Deputy Supervisor for the Town of Erin, and physics teacher at Horseheads High School. 

County officials say they had sent out a request for proposals for design to establish internet service for rural communities. WENY News is told the measure is expected to be sent to legislative committees some time next month for company selection.

To view the report from the Chemung County Broadband Assessment, click here: