HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Business and community leaders across the region came together Wednesday evening to find out the latest information surrounding the Interstate 86 Innovation Initiative project. 

The public meeting was hosted by the Steuben County Industrial Development Agency and Three Rivers Development Corporation at the Arnot Event Center. Officials talked about major successes happening throughout Chemung, Schuyler and Steuben counties, which all make up the corridor.

"When we don't look at things collectively, when we only look at them in our little hometown or our own county, we really don't see the importance of the three counties working together, how we share our labor sheds, how we share our shopping sites, and this is how we move is through our counties," explains Betsey L. Hale, President of Three Rivers Development Corporation. 

A quality of life assessment through the Community Foundation revealed some challenges officials say they now hope to address for the future.

"What we found out was especially in the area of workforce development is that we really need to be working to attract talent here, to attract young people here and young families here. We really need to work hard on our K-12, I would call it people line...not necessarily pipe line, because we want to make sure that our young people are receiving an education K-12 that is relevant with the jobs of tomorrow," Hale says. 

The I-86 Innovation Corridor Initiative features the highest concentration of advanced manufacturing and transportation equipment in New York's Southern Tier.