CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) - Citizens for a Better Southern Tier and Planned Parenthood rallied in the City of Corning on Wednesday night. The rally was held in support of reproductive rights for women.

People gathered at Centerway Square on Market Street to support a woman's right to choose.They also showed their support for organizations that fight anti-abortion laws across the country, organizations like the ACLU.

Dora Leland, the event organizer with Citizens for a Better Southern Tier, explained, "The main message is this all about choice, reproductive health is a complicated issue, and it's a personal issue, and out main message is the choice is best left up to the woman herself, and legislating that, and telling someone what they should do with their body is just not okay."

Citizens for a Better Southern Tier says over 100 people came out for the Wednesday night rally.