WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- According to Schuyler County Administrator, Tim O'Hearn, Watkins Glen International (WGI) officials told the county late Monday they were pulling their mass gathering permit.

"Upon receiving that, that in effect ended the chances of that venue hosting the event," said O'Hearn. "Last night the legislature formally accepted the withdrawal and from the county's standpoint and the permitting process, everything ended almost simultaneously with the announcement itself."

This means there is absolutely no way the event will be happening in the county.

"The idea of having Woodstock 50 at Watkins Glen is dead," said O'Hearn. "There's absolutely no way that that can be revisited based on the withdrawal of the permit application and the legislatures acceptance in termination of the permit process for that. All of the other Watkins Glen International events have received approval."

With the festival's cancellation at WGI, one local shop owner says he doesn't think it will affect his business.

"I'm sad to see it go because it brings in so much money, it's not going to affect us," said Famous Brands owner, Jim Guild. "It'll actually help our business that we have that weekend full of tourists that are downtown."

O'Hearn says while Woodstock 50 isn't coming to the area, the county plans on moving past this and having a strong summer.

"We expect that our tourism and economic impact will continue to rise," said O'Hearn. "This certainly is a setback in a certain sense, but it does nothing to diminish the attractiveness of this area and the many reasons people would want to come visit us."

O'Hearn did say he hasn't heard from concert organizers in a few weeks.  According to a Rolling Stone article, a Woodstock 50 organizer says they're working on getting another venue, but there's no word on where Woodstock 50 will actually be held.