ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- After a shootout in Elmira last year, a man was convicted on a slew of charges on Wednesday. 

Tarell Calafell was convicted of attempted assault, and three weapons charges. The Chemung County DA's office says Calafell has three prior felony convictions, and could face up to 15-years behind bars. The conviction stems from a shootout that happened in July of last year on the 100 block of Grove Street. At roughly 10:30 on the morning of July  26th, a person named Saad Wyche started shooting at Calafell, who was on the sidewalk. Calafell stumbled to the ground, but was able to get back on his feet and run away. Calafell ended up firing back after retreating, and tossed a handgun in someone's backyard before disappearing.

During the trial, evidence showed a line of spent shell casings located where Calafell ran towards. The shell casings came back as a positive ballistic match to a 9mm handgun that was found in the backyard. Calafell also left his cell phone an a water bottle with his DNA at the scene of the crime. 

After the shooting, he was arrested just minutes later on Euclid Avenue.

Sentencing for Calafell is scheduled for July 22nd.