ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Art students from Elmira's Ernie Davis Academy unveiled a special project Friday afternoon. The ninth grade students at Ernie Davis were proud to finally show off their mural after months of hard work. 

It's a mural of a local sports star, Joel Stephens, and it's located at New York Sport and Fitness on Water Street in Downtown Elmira. Joel Stephens was a three-sport star who attended Notre Dame High School who ended up playing in minor league baseball before his life was cut short due to colon cancer.  

Friday afternoon, the community, students, staff, and Joel's family gathered for the unveiling of this art tribute.

"I think not only is it beautiful to look at, it adds a little bit of value to our community because it gives us something that you know, we know is here for us to be able to see that this person really did something good for us," says Olivia Campbell, community art student at Ernie Davis Academy.  

Joel Stephens' family, including his brother, Aaron, were also excited to see the project come together. 

"We really thought it was a great thing for the kids in the community to be recognized for the talent that they have, and to do something like this, it's a positive thing for the community. It really reflects nicely on the kids and what they can contribute back to the community," Aaron says. 

"From a family standpoint, it's nice to know people still remember him. I think that's the hardest part for people that lose someone they love, is as years go by you don't want them to be forgotten," Aaron added. 

This is the second mural created by students of a "Creative Arts" class at Ernie Davis Academy, honoring talented students from the community.