ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) --  Wednesday was an unusual day in court as both sides went from the courtroom, to the evidence lot in Horseheads to check out both vehicles involved in the accident.

The day started off with the continued testimony of Cornell University expert, Stuart Phoenix. During questioning, District Attorney, Weeden Wetmore, said Phoenix didn't consider all the variables when determining the speed of the motorcycle. Phoenix says his assumptions are based off the calculations from David Buckner, who was a prior witness. Buckner testified saying he saw the Matteson's pass him while turning onto Westinghouse Road. Phoenix believes the motorcycle was going 63 miles per hour, or slightly higher. 

After lunch, the defense and prosecution went to the evidence lot to see the vehicles involved in the crash. The media was not allowed into the lot to prevent evidence tampering. But you could see both sides checking out the vehicles, and talking with New York State Police (NYSP) investigator, David Bly, and Phoenix.

To close out the day, both Phoenix and Bly went back and forth taking the stand. Each one trying to disprove the other about information from the Electronic Data Recorder (EDR), otherwise known as the "black box", from Charnetski's car. 

As WENY News has been reporting, Charnetski is accused of being high on Marijuana while driving a car that hit and killed Harolyn and Matthew Matteson on their motorcycle in Horseheads last July. Court will resume on Thursday at 9 AM. Stick with WENY News both on-air and online as this case develops.