ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- As of June 15th, undocumented immigrants are now allowed to apply for drivers licenses in New York State. New York has become the 13th state to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for licenses.

However, county clerks across the state have directly reached out to President Donald Trump in hopes of BLOCKING this new legislation.

Oswego County Clerk Michael Backus sent a letter to the president on June 20th, which said; "I ask that you direct the Justice Department to commence an immediate review of the legislation and render an opinion regarding whether this legislation should be review in federal court."

WENY sat down with one local official on if she's behind this effort to have the new law blocked. 

"The letters that went out to the president are from all of us.In other words, they sponsor us, they are our sponsor to that.Some have, some haven't, I haven't done it because those letters that have gone are supposed to represent all of us and I let that happen. Which is good. My biggest thing is that we have twelve other states that do this," Catherine K. Hughes, Chemung County Clerk.

Documents such as foreign passports can now be used to verify their identification when applying for driving privileges in New York State.

 "People would try to use these licenses to vote. And it could be that could get through and vote. That would be absolutely ridiculous. Next thing you know they will be running for office. Its absolutely ridiculous. A lot of people show this ID and say oh they're citizens so they can do this and they can do that. Well they're not citizens," says Hughes.

Other county clerks across the state say that local Department of Motor Vehicles are ill-equipped when it comes to process such documents. The state association does plan to meet in the near future and further discuss these issues.