HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) -- The traffic pattern in Hanover Square in Horseheads can be a nightmare at times, but it could soon be getting a makeover. The Village of Horseheads and Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council are proposing ideas on how to make Hanover Square more pedestrian and driver friendly.

Based on accident statistics provided by the transportation council, this intersection has a crash rate of about 2 accidents per 1 million vehicles while the state average is around three tenths per 1 million cars. Some of the proposed ideas include; an extra stop sign so all five intersections have them, create two lanes of traffic, and even a traffic circle.

However, by getting rid of the slip street, tables and chairs will be set up so people can hangout in the square. The most expensive idea would be a traffic circle, but the council is looking at less expensive options.

"It can be as inexpensive as painting. Temporary pavement to see how the project works. And of course longer term if that project is effective and we'd like to use permanent installation. I think it will be in the range of 3-4 hundred thousand dollars. And that's something we'd have to work with the village on to get funding," says Nicolette Wagoner,  Director of Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council.

Some residents feel this change will help out the traffic, but also draw attention to Hanover Square.

Donald Zeigler, Horseheads resident, says, "I think this will draw people to Hanover Square. They're not reducing parking places,they're actually creating some outdoor spaces that could be used by some of the restaurants. I think that is very nice to make it homie. Hanover Square is gorgeous, great flowers, clean, neat, this is going to make it nicer."

Other residents say more information will help out of town drivers as local residents already know how to navigate through Hanover Square.

"People from out of down don't have an idea on how to get through Hanover Square. The local people how to do it, the local people know how to circumnavigate Hanover Square. So, I think the biggest part is education for the out of town people, and I think one of the proposals is to put little signs under the stop signs that says traffic from left keeps moving, traffic from right stops. Whatever. I think that will be a big key for people from out of town to understand what is going on in Hanover Square," says Mike Stenpeck, Horseheads resident.

For more information regarding the Hanover Square makeover, please visit which includes a project website where you can message them directly and give your opinion.