We have entered the month of August and although that means hot temperatures and sunny days, we will also be turning our attention to the tropics. August is the beginning of the heart of Atlantic Hurricane season and although here in the Twin Tiers we don't see the category 5 winds, we do see heavy rain. Numerous tropical systems have made significant impacts to our region during tropical weather season. The strength of a hurricane, although important, is not the main threat for this region.

Tropical systems tend to be weak when they move into this region because they have already been over land and weakening by the time they get here. Regardless of strength, ample tropical moisture can fall in a short amount of time which doesn't lead to just plain ole flooding, but major flooding that could last for a while. As of now, no systems are on the radar for potential impacts, but do be aware of the tropics as we go through August and especially into September.