BIG FLATS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Elmira native and fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, made his return home along with his daughter Ally Hilfiger, for a duel book signing Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds of Hilfiger fans lined up at Barnes and Nobles to grab the two books and meet Tommy and Ally. Tommy's book,  'American Dreamer' was released in 2016, and talks about his life growing up in Elmira and the journey of chasing his dreams.

Ally's book is called "Bite Me," a bestselling novel about her personal battle with Lyme disease.

Both say they share the same life motto, "never give up."

"Never, ever give up. Continuously chase that dream, because if it's really what you want to do, you'll become successful and be able to achieve that dream. Giving up is easy. For me, it wasn't an option. There were a couple of days that I almost thought about it, but I would catch myself, and really believe that if I had given up,  I would regret it. I would had never been able to achieve what I've achieved," says Tommy Hilfiger, fashion designer and book writer.

Ally shared the struggles she faced with battling Lyme disease, and what advice she gives to others battling any misunderstood disease.

"When you lose your mind and the ability to use the mind and the use of memory and cognitive abilities, that was the scariest. I knew I was a smart person and capable of doing many things, but all of the sudden it would go. I would be driving or doing something, and I would completely forget where I was going, or forget what I was doing or how to do it. It was just the most frustrating thing," says Ally Hilfiger, artist and activist.

Ally shared with WENY news that she hopes her book will provide other people who are suffering from Lyme disease or any misunderstood disease, a sense of validity and hope to know they aren't alone.