ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- The Elmira-Corning regional airport could be moving its Fuel Farm to another location within the airport.This evening at the Chemung County Legislative Meeting, county officials carried the notions of many items on the agenda. One of the items on the agenda was a resolution to authorize a fuel farm relocation at the airport.

This project is still in the beginning stages, but it could cost Chemung over $1.7 million dollars. Good news is that this will not increase property tax.

We spoke with Tom Sweet, who is a Chemung County Legislature for District 3 and he said, "We are looking to possibly put a better fuel farm in at the airport, but it is in its infancy stages. We are just starting to plan for it now. There's federal money available, state money available and then the money we authorize tonight will be paid for by passenger facility charges. So, no property tax will be used for this project."

Sweet also says this will consolidate the fuel farm and move it all to one spot making it safer, and passenger facility charges must be used or they will go on to the next airport.