Leaders with Cornell Cooperative Extension celebrated the success of their "Move Forward Elmira" initiative.

The initiative focuses on developing leaders and spotlighting issues those in poverty are facing in the city. Move Forward Elmira conducted two surveys, with 51 questions each. The ceremony was to celebrate the results of the survey and look at some of the responses. In total 157 family's responded to the survey.

“What we found though the people who did it before they even sat down to take the survey again said you know last time I was here, I didn't have this and now I've got it and they were excited to tell us that. So, and we know our project was over a shorter time frame than it was ideal but we were beginning to see the progress people were making.” said Andrew Fagan, the executive director of the Chemung Area Cornell Cooperative Extensions.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Elmira, hopes to be approved for more funding. They hope to expand the survey to offer it to 200 families.