SAYRE, PA(WENY)-- With school starting in the Twin Tiers within the next month, Pediatricians at the Guthrie Pediatric Center are reminding families about the importance of health during the school year. Pediatricians explained to WENY News that during the Summer months, students sleep and nutrition schedules fall out of place, making the transition back to school more difficult. Sleep is a large factor when speaking about health, so pediatricians are suggesting to families to get kids back on their schedule over a week in advance of school starting. 

"Sleep is important, I think nutrition is important because when kids are home in the summertime, you're kind of controlling what they eat because you have what you've purchased for them around. Once they get to school, their kind of in charge in some of the choices that they make, the healthier choices you make, the better you're doing with your sleeping the less likely you are to get sick when you get back to school," says Laura Leonard M.D., Pediatrics at Guthrie.  

Doctor Leonard explained that it is also important to limit students screen time not only during the day, but also before bed, to help their minds calm down to have a better nights sleep.