ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- A couple years ago, Alex Chichester was looking at the City of Elmira's flag and didn't like what he saw. So he got to work designing his own, tying in some key Elmira landmarks and features. 

"So the purple, I personally identify the city with the color purple," said freelancer, Chichester. "It's probably a lot to do with Elmira College. Also, there's purple and golden wildflowers all over town. Someone pointed out to me that the Iroquois flag is purple and that still invokes the Native American heritage we have here in the area."

The blue stripe in the middle represents the Chemung River. While the golden rings symbolize uniting the North, South, East, and West sides. The interlocking points also represent the four driving bridges in the city. Chichester also wants to make the flag open for people to use however they want. 

"The city could monetize these designs and create merch off of it and different things," said Chichester. "Sell the flags, sell t-shirts, etcetera. But I'm also hoping to make sure the design is open source so that people who want to remix it, reuse it, do their own things with it, can and are able to."

The idea was presented through a video Chichester posted on YouTube. City officials saw the video and say there's a chance his design could become a reality. 

"It's a possibility," said City of Elmira Mayor, Dan Mandell. "I'm one to say there's always possibilities. So something that he's going to definitely spark a debate and discussion about."

The mayor went on to say if Chichester's flag proposal gets picked up, it'll have to go in front of city council for approval.