STEUBEN COUNTY, N.Y.(WENY)-- Thursday night's storm that spawned a Tornado Warning ripped through several counties, leaving damage in its path. Here in the Southern Tier, Steuben County received the worst impact. Winds were so strong, trees that have lasted over 200 years were toppled over.

"We were looking out of the door because there was so much wind, the trees were going and then back the other way and then a big limb snapped, which caused us to pay more attention. And then about 10 minutes later this whole tree came down, I mean it's like you could hear a huge crack and then a thud it really actually shook, that's how big tree was," says  Michael Dimiteri, Neighbor in Steuben County. 

Neighbors told WENY News they were shocked to see how concentrated the damage was - with other homes nearby seeing barely any impact from the storm.

"We actually thought about going into the basement, it was that violent but what is unusual is some people in the neighborhood had nothing, no wind, no rain, and we had a lot of rain and a tremendous amount of wind," says Dimiteri. 
NYSEG trucks and cleaning crews were seen all through out Steuben county today as they were making repairs to utility lines. Neighbors who had to hunker down during the storm say it was really an eye opener on how much more they need to be prepared.

"As these storms get more and more popular or not popular, they happen more often, you do have to plan for the future and I guess you know food preparation, loss of power, flash light batteries and things like that make  a lot of sense," says Patrick Flynn, Steuben County Neighbor.  

WENY News will continue to keep you up to date with the latest weather reports about storms and sever weather in your area.