ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY)-- Friday afternoon, the City of Elmira and the Community Arts of Elmira celebrated the completion of a third mural this season. The mural, which is located on West Second Street, was unveiled this afternoon.

The mural is titled 'Chemung River Sunset from the Madison Street Bridge,' and was designed by a local artist, Emily Solometo. The art piece has so much detail, you truly feel like you're overlooking the Chemung River at sunset. 

The 'Elmira Infinite Canvas' is a public art program hosted by Community Arts of Elmira. The program is constantly brainstorming ways they can beautify the City. That's when they asked Emily Solometo if she would be interested in painting the mural.

Solometo says highlighting the beauty of the city is something she would like to see more of.

"I think it's important to highlight the positive things. We tend to focus on negative things that are going on and resolving problems that sometimes we forget what right in front of us. For me, I live in Elmira, I work in Elmira, I raised my family here. I just notice things that I wish other people would remember that exist," says Emily Solometo, local artist.

The Vice President of Community Arts of Elmira shared with WENY news why the program enjoys bringing vibrant artwork to Elmira.

"If it's not already obvious, whenever you install public art in any form, whether it's a mural such as this, whether it's a fire hydrant, whether it's a traffic control box, or any kind of sculpture, you automatically make that area cleaner, brighter and safer," says Joe Caparulo, Vice President of Community Arts of Elmira.