BATH, N.Y.(WENY)-- A lease, which will span well over two decades, was approved on Monday for a new solar farm in Steuben County. The farm will be built on the County landfill, due to the fact the land is not able to sustain any other form of use. 

"Essentially it's a capped landfill that hasn't been utilized for awhile, it's underutilized of the county and we're trying to find adaptive reuses for it. One of the things we're throwing around is putting solar on it, it could be a benefit for the community, a benefit for the county and a really good use of land you otherwise couldn't build on or developed," says Matthew Sousa, Senior Planner for Steuben County. 

Because this lease was just approved, the project still has a lot of paperwork to go through and to be processed before any construction can begin. 

"I'd say we're a year or two away from interconnecting to the grid producing electricity and then form that point on we have a term of 25 years where the system will be active and live and the county will realizing an annual benefit from the electricity generated and the land lease to the company to host the panels," says Sousa.

Comments are still coming in Steuben County residents, but officials say the response so far has been great because there is no negative impact on anyone in this situation. 

"This is a win win project that's very low impact. It's green renewable energy and it's put on land that would not otherwise be used. There's really no down side and I haven't heard any negative feedback to date. Everything I've heard has been positive," says Sousa.

WENY News will continue to follow this story as it progresses.