CORNING, NY (WENY) -- A recent Netflix series has put glass making into the realm of competition and the winner of the show was at Corning Museum of Glass today. We visited CMOG this morning and spoke with the winner and even a judge from the final episode.

"We actually took their whole body of work over the 10 episode arc into consideration. The craftsmanship, the ideas that came through, and the objects so there were a lot of factor considered when we chose the winner but it was a really really difficult decision. It was something either one of them could have won easily," said Eric Meek, Senior Manager of Hot Glass programs and Judge on "Blown Away."

We have competition shows on other things including, home improvement projects and cooking so why not glass making? "Blown Away" is a ten episode series based on the art of glass making. Netflix has recently finished a 10 episode mini series about the art of competitive glass making, putting glass blowers against each other to win a prize package, including a fellowship at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Contestants from all over applied to be on the show and we spoke with the winner about her journey. We visited CMOG this morning to talk with the winner, who is in town for a live glass blowing demonstration.

"I applied out of the blue. I was actually in Europe and I started out in Belgium and I started my application there, but then I had to go to the Canary Islands. So I was in some Air B&B in the Canary Islands submitting my application. I had to do a three minute video on why I thought I would be a good contestant for the show," said Deborah Czeresko, winner of Netflix's sereis "Blown Away."

We spoke with Deborah on what her final project was and how it defines her.

Czeresko said, ""I'm using object as metaphors for concepts throughout my life. One of my major concepts was being a woman in a hot shop. I have no role models to look up to, there was no historical women working in glass. So I would invent scenarios where I was a female maestro or something."

If you missed Deborah today, don't worry because she will be at CMOG all week and also in October from the 1st through the 6th and the 14th through the 18th.