Corning, NY (WENY) -- The Corning Painted Post School district is continuing to look at ways to to better utilize it's funding, as they held their first school board meeting of the 2019-2020 school year.

Representatives from the district's Elementary, Middle and High Schools presented their finding on the equity pilot school initiative. The equity pilot school program's aim is to make sure students are continuing to come first, improve relationships with parents, both from a student parent relationship and and parent teacher relationship, but also provide healthy equitable environments for all kids.

A number of idea's were presented. Last year as part of an implementation Winfield Street Elementary give each new student a swag bag with tooth brushes and tooth paste. Their principal said it was some of her students favorite gifts. Another idea for future implementation included holding a road runner day, allowing for more community involvement at William Severn Elementary.

This is the completion of 2-years of work towards this effort. The first year was more or less a fact finding exercise and engaging the public to try and learn about what issues there were in the community and this was really the first year putting together some strategy's to try to begin to close the gap on some long standing issues.” said Mike Ginalski, the C-PP Superintendent.

Ginalski said the plan is to keep this community initiative continuing for the next 5 years.