ELKLAND, NY (WENY) -- This past Friday night a shed that kept the Elkland T-Ball leagues equipment safe was vandalized and the equipment was stolen. Neighbors notified the league and prompted league officials to pay a visit.

"On Saturday morning we got some pictures from some neighbors who had noticed that our shed wasn't standing any longer. So, we went down and looked and sure enough it looked like sometime during the night someone had completely destroyed it," said Jessie Schoonover, Elkland Little League President.

Schoonover tells WENY News that this isn't the first time that incidents like this have occurred, this is actually the THIRD time the league has dealt with vandalism.

Jessie said, "This is the third time that we have had a problem with vandalism or theft. Just in the last three or four months. The first time the same shed was tipped over the night and the Elkland Borough was kind enough to send a truck over and they were able to get it back upright without damaging it. Then, not that long after our concession stand at our main field was broken in to." 

Jessie also told us that they are going to now have to look into extra security at their facilities, but this is not easy for the league to implement.

"We will have to discuss cameras of some kind and that's tough to do because we are not for profit. Usually, the money that we raise through fundraising and registration, and things like that goes to field maintenance and uniforms and equipment. Now we're also going to have to talk about cameras and better locks."

We also spoke with Schoonover on how the community can help to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"We asked that the community help us out by just keeping an eye on our facilities. Again people walk, and walk around and drive around and these are facilities that are used by peoples kids and grandchildren. So, we have asked that everyone kind of keep their eyes peeled for things that look wrong and if they see something that looks wrong to let us know or let the Elkland P.D. know."