CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Saturday, the Disability Dream & Do (D3) camp held its 15 year event at Tuller Field in Corning.

It's a free camp that gives people an opportunity who don't have the ability to play baseball and sports everyday to throw on their cleats and have a great time. The camp allows professional players to interact with children with special needs in various drills and compete in sports with no limitations.

The three organizers of the event say they put on the D3 camps all over the country to share their stories as athletes with disabilities and to inspire others.  

"D3 day means so much to me because I was born without legs and I overcame my disability and turned it into my ability to work in TV, play sports and do these things. If I can help these kids and show them that anyone can do anything in life, then my job has been worth while," says Dave Stevens, a pro athlete and organizer.

"We have our camps in Binghamton, Hudson Valley, down in Florida, Hartford, Conneticut and we are all over. We're growing and it's just great that we can come back here where Dave Clark started here in Corning where his roots are from and have a homecoming to honor him for what he's done," Stevens added. 

Organizers say that it was a successful event this year with over 100 athletes attending the camp.