SAYRE, Pa (WENY) -- Bobbi Stockholm, a registered nurse at the Guthrie Weight Loss Center in Sayre, says she struggled with obesity for years and recently noticed its impact on her 6-year-old son, Henry.

"I took a look at myself and realized that my eating habits were truly affecting myself and my son," said Stockholm. "So I decided that I was going to make a change for the better. In that process, changing my eating habits also affected how I was feeding my family. So my family lost weight as well."

In almost two years since the start of their journey, Henry has lost about 25 pounds. All by making a few changes to his diet. 

"Probably the biggest change that we made was eating out," said Stockholm. "We actually kept a spreadsheet of how much we were eating out and we were spending about $300 a month on fast food. Now we've reduced that to like one meal a month of fast food."

According to doctors with Guthrie, childhood obesity is a growing problem in the country.

"About 1 in every 5 children are obese," said Guthrie bariatric medicine director, Verlyn Warrington, MD. "The unfortunate thing is that we're now seeing these adult-type diseases related to the weight in children."

Some of these diseases include bad cholesterol, hyper tension and type 2 diabetes. But the best way to control weight is by watching what kids are eating and making sure they're exercising.

"Some protein with breakfast, some carbs, getting those veggies in there, and some healthy fats," said Warrington. "Then, being active. It's recommended that kids get at least an hour of activity a day."

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