Elmira, N.Y. (WENY) - Elmira College is remembering the nearly 3,000 people killed 18 years ago today in the 9/11 terror attacks.

Students, faculty and staff members set up 2,996 flags in the grass along Park Place, which is near the center of campus. Each flag represents a victim who lost their life in the September 11th tragedy.

One of the flags has a very special meaning to the campus. It is dedicated to their very own. Darryl McKinney is an Elmira College alum who was killed on September 11, 2001. He graduated from the college in 1997.

The flags were set up at 8:46 this morning, which is the exact time Flight 11 crashed into the North tower.

Students made a special delivery to local first responders this morning. They brought them donuts and coffees to thank them for all that they do.

This is the third year Elmira College has had the flag ceremony. However, the school has always dedicated this day to honoring the victims and their families.