NEW YORK STATE (WENY) - New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is making sure the younger population is reminded of the impact the World Trade Center attacks had on our nation. 

This past Monday, Cuomo signed a bill established as the "September 11th Remembrance Day." This new law allows for a moment of silence in New York State public schools at the beginning of the school day, every September 11th.

"When I think of our young kids and students in our schools today, some of them weren't even alive back when the attacks happened on our country in 2001. I think it's more than appropriate we take a moment and teach them and pause. But its also incumbent upon us, as teachers, as family members, as community members to continue to educate our children about the impact of that day," says Assemblyman Phil Palmesano.

Although the terrorist attacks of September 11th happened a few hundred miles away, residents here in the Twin Tiers are still reminded of the tragic events that happened that day with a piece of steel that was from one of the towers. The permanent public display is located on the front lawn of the Elmira Regional Public Safety Training Center, in Pulaski Park. 

For WENY's Meteorologist Alex Bielfeld, he is reminded everyday of that tragic day. This comes after Alex's uncle, a New York City Firefighter was killed on 9/11.

"He got word that the towers were on fire and quickly went to Engine One, which was across from the Trade Center at the time, and still is to this day. He put on some spare gear that he found and he was in the fire house with another firefighter who was about to go in with him as well. But that firefighter said hold on Pete, let me go upstairs and get some tools," says Alex Bielfeld. 

Alex says his uncle didn't wait, and instead immediately ran into the South Tower, which then collapsed. 

"Weeks after that, my family we all thought you know he was just missing. There was a lot of missing posters and stuff, please call. The only way we found him was because he wrote a note before he went in and it said "Hi I'm Pete Bielfeld, Ladder 42, tell my family and my daughter I love them," says Alex Bielfeld.

Alex says although his uncle died as a hero, his memory still lives on.