Elmira, NY (WENY) -- Cyber Security expert Tracy Mitrano made her way to Elmira's Steele Memorial Library for a symposium on privacy and security.

The talk covered the connection between personal privacy and the relationship that can have on national security in a time considered the digital age. Mitrano spoke on a number of issues like cyber security, corporate hacking and a disconnection. A point of emphasis included the disconnection between some laws of the past that aren't keeping up with technology. A conversation came up regarding some representatives recently questioning Mark Zuckerberg. She argued that the more lawmakers are informed the more questions they can ask about such things as facebook and working with advertisers. This as lawmakers need to know the right questions to ask given that more of our lives are conducted online and the risk to personal privacy and institutional stability have never been higher.

Mitrano hit on a number of other topics including out of date cyber security laws and how privacy all changed following 9/11 and the passage of the U.S. Patriot act. She argues that cyber security is national security and representatives understand enough about cyber security issues.

“We have an electronic communications privacy act that was promulgated in 1986. That is 7 years before the internet even became public and that law is our basic wiretapping law. If you've ever heard of that on a tv show or something like that. we haven't revised that with the internet. it really badly needs it.” said Mitrano.

Mitrano went on to say consumer privacy is constantly at risk given the power of major corporations.