ATHENS, Pa (WENY) -- Friday, September 20th, is the homecoming football game at Athens Area High School. But it's more than just a game as the community rallies around two local children, Seeley and Ariah, who both have cancer. It'll be called the "Gold Out" game as Athens faces Canton.

The group, "Kids Can't Fight Cancer Alone", has been raising money for the kids and their families by doing things like selling t-shirts, and having a penny war between the two schools. Not to mention the gate admission for the game will be given to both families as a donation.

"I think it's amazing," said Athens Area High School Principal, Corey Mosher. "I think the bigger picture is what athletics can do for our communities, and it's amazing to see communities come together for the greater good of our students. Which is what we're all here for."

Organizers say they've sold out of t-shirts, selling around 800 of them. Not to mention all the football teams in Bradford County will also be participating in the gold out game by wearing a decal on their helmets. 

"This turnout that Bradford County, and whole, has embraced is just amazing," said Kids Can't Fight Cancer Alone organizer, Tracey Weldy. "We cannot thank everybody enough for what they are doing in helping to support this."

If you'd like to make a donation to the two kids, people are asked to write out a check and send it to the Athens Area High School in care of Corey Mosher. On the memo line, please put "Gold Out donation".