On 09-14-19 at 11:37 AM Ithaca Police Officers responded to the entrance of Home Depot Plaza, along with Ithaca Fire Department and Bangs Ambulance for the report of a 2 car crash with injuries. Officers arrived on scene shortly after and began investigating the crash, which was taking up much of the intersection.

2 Officers wearing reflective safety vests were assigned to traffic direction around the site of the crash. At 11:55 AM one of the Officers was struck by a vehicle and knocked to the pavement.

The vehicle that struck the Officer stopped a short way down the road and awaited Officers.

The Officer that was struck by the vehicle was transported to a local hospital by Bangs Ambulance with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Jordan Foster of Trumansburg, NY. Foster was issued the following traffic tickets in relation to the crash:

VTL Section 1146 – Failure to exercise due care
VTL Section 306(b) – Uninspected Motor Vehicle