(WENY)-- On September 17th, Governor Cuomo announced a First-in-the-Nation ban on flavored vaping products. This ban was put in place in hope of decreasing the youth and young adult usage of nicotine. 

"Nicotine is very harmful for the developing brain and there are a number of other health consequences associated with the e-cigarette usage. These products are currently unregulated, so these flavor products are a huge concern from a health perspective," says Sarah Robbins, Program Director of the Southern Tier Tobacco Coalition.

If you do vape and use any of the flavors other than tobacco, menthol, or flavorless, you have until October 7th to buy any other flavors. After that date, stores selling flavored products will receive heavy fines. 

"We have a two weeks grace period, so we are going to leave everything up and what we have is what we have. We are not going to be placing any flavor orders. Like I said we are moving into legally what we can sell.  It's very important to us to abide by the law even when we don't agree with it. I know a lot of people are upset, you don't agree with it," says Angie Francesschelli, Owner of the Horseheads and Corning Flavourium stores. 

Even though this is going to take a hit to their sales, Angie tells WENY News that Flavourium is not going anywhere and will continue to sell their other merchandise. 

Many are upset about this ban, but officials say the chemicals in flavored vape 'juices' are dangerous to a persons health. 

"Protecting youth in young adults from fruit and candy flavor e-liquids is a step in the right direction because youth and young adults are the primary users of these e-cigarette products and they're using them at higher rates, five times higher than those over the age of 25," says Robbins. 

After speaking further with the Program Director of the Southern Tier Tobacco Coalition, she was able to confirm with WENY News that CBD flavored liquids also fall under the new ban.

According to the Department of Health data, nearly 40% of 12th-grade students and 27% of high school students in New York State are using e-cigarettes. The Department of Health data credits flavored e-liquids to be the main reason for the increase in students vape use. In 2018, high school e-cig use was 160% higher than it was in 2014, according to the Department of Health data. 

The ban is only active for 90 days unless it is extended or made permanent by the state Public Health and Health Planning Council. You can click here to read the governors official press release.