ELMIRA HEIGHTS, NY (WENY) - Last season was a struggle for the Edison football team. With a reducing turnout, the Spartans will welcome a new challenge this season: a switch from 11-man to 8-man football.

Edison went 2-7 last season in Class C. The Spartans are the second Elmira area team to move to 8-man, following the lead of their rivals Elmira Notre Dame. Defensive Coordinator C.J. Stroman believes the team is up for the challenge. He says, "We've been practicing since June, so we're pretty conditioned. The research that we've done and the film that we've watched has been very beneficial. The boys have really been acclimating to making the transition pretty flawlessly so far. Our scrimmage went very well, and with the speed that we have and the line has always been a problem for us, so this 8-man, I think it benefits us because of our speed."

Edison quarterback Ryan Benedict tells WENY the transition has been a seamless one. He says, "It's been really smooth honestly. It's not too big of a difference, just a little more spread out. It actually suits our style of play a little better than the traditional 11-man." Fullback and Linebacker Jack Hourihan adds, "It's been a little bit different, but we're adjusting to it pretty well. Not a lot has changed in practice. We've done the same conditioning drills and everything. Just a little adjustment on offense, not too much on defense."

Edison will begin their season on Saturday at 1:30 PM at home against Lansing.