ATHENS, PA.(WENY)--Raymond Chan Dick was going to lose his home due to back taxes which he was unable to pay. But, because of one Pennsylvania State Constable who was originally there to serve him his tax notices, Raymond is not only going to keep his house, but he will be able to live out a safe and comfortable life in Athens Pennsylvania.

"I felt something had to be done. He gave two years of his life you know, for the country, I figured the least we can do is try to help him,” Canning told WENY News. “I realize some people may have tried to help him before, but you know coming up cleaning and doing some things, you know that's not getting rid of all of the issues,” says James Canning, Pennsylvania State Constable.

Canning worked fast to get the word out about his Veteran who was in desperate need of help. In what seemed like an instant, community members from all over Bradford county came to the rescue. When Raymond saw how many people came out to help him and all of the supplies they brought, he could not reiterate how unbelievably happy he was. 

“I'm so blessed by all of these people and if there's anything in this world that I can say about Pennsylvania, they've got the best people in the United States right here, in this county, Bradford,” says Raymond Dick.

Raymond said that he cannot thank Canning enough. Without him, Raymond said he would homeless and living under the Athens bridge.

“I have to pinch my self at least 5 times a day today to make sure I'm not going to wake up a feel this is a dream. They are the most wonderful people in the world that were brought here by this young man,” says Raymond.

Raymond told WENY news that this is not only going to impact his life, but it is going to help him get his wife to move back home and his grand-children to visit him again. 

Once the construction got underway on Raymond's house early Saturday morning, they ran into some unexpected problems and extra tasks they would need to handle before they could move forward with getting new appliance in.  

“This is probably going to turn into a multi-day event but you know, if we can at-least get him so he can sleep in here tonight, you know we've accomplished a lot,” says Canning.

There is still plenty of work to be done, but in the end, Canning said it will be worth it knowing he was able to help out a fellow vet and give him a better live than he has been living.

James set up a Facebook donation page for $10,000 and community members helped exceeded that goal and hit $11, 745. Any of the funds left over will be going into a special account just for Raymond. The donation page has closed, but you can click here to stay up to date with the process and any other announcements James Canning makes about this project.