ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- One of the first homes incorporated in the Chemung County Landbank is back in use after a renovation project. The home is located at 406 West Gray Street and after years of vacancy, it will soon see a new life.

Project developer Jim Capriotti tells WENY News he purchased the property from the landbank last December. The site was in bad condition, with extensive water damage throughout the building and other damage from a tree which had fallen on the structure. 

A partnership between Capriotti Properties and Catholic Charities will help low-income families access affordable housing in the duplex. The overall cost of the project is about $100,000, with grant funding which will help offset those expenses. 

"The governor has a program available called ESPRI: Empire State Reduction Initiative and that can give us some grant money which allowed us to do renovations that made it possible we can restore the house," Jim Capriotti says. 

The Chemung County Landbank is run through Arbor Housing and Development and aims to restore and revitalize properties in the community to have a positive economic and community impact. 

Capriotti tells WENY News that Catholic Charities has families ready to move in to the newly renovated home this weekend.

Additional information about the Chemung County Landbank can be found here: http://www.chemunglandbank.com/