Ithaca, NY (WENY) -- The City of Ithaca Common Council approved the nomination for a new police chief. They didn't have to look far to find him either. Active Chief Dennis Nayor can not drop the active status from his title. He is now the full time chief for the department. Having worked on other police forces he know exactly what his force should look like and what he hopes to accomplish.

After a unanimous vote Dennis Nayor is now the new leader of the Ithaca police department. This comes after a search committee spent several months looking for the right candidate. Ultimately it was Chief Nayor who had served as the active chief since former Ithaca police Chief Pete Tyler retired earlier this year.

“The city council likes what I bring to the table. The mayor appointed me and also likes the policing style that I have and the experience that i bring.” said Chief Nayor.

Serving in an executive capacity as a chief isn't new for nayor. He's served as a police officer for the last 24 years, over two decades of which was in otsego county. Mayor Svante Myrick said Nayor's past experience in Oneonta will help him easily transition.

“We found Dennis, Chief Nayor who not only was a former police chief but taught other police chiefs how to do the job.” said Mayor Myrick.

Following the unanimous decision, Chief Nayor spoke on some of his future goals, and what are some things he hopes to implement. They include widening the recruitment pool, even potentially creating signing bonuses for people looking to join the force and building strong relationships with the community.

“People should feel comfortable coming up to police, children should look up to us. People who are predators or are looking to hurt people should know that we have a tough stance on that and overall we have as safe community.” said Chief Nayor.

“It should be a comfort to all of us in the city that the person at the wheel has some experience, real proven experience leading a police department towards better accountability, better results, better professionalism.” said Mayor Myrick.

Chief Nayor's approval will be effective October 2nd when he'll will be in charge of 69 officers and over see the safety of thousands of people in and around the Ithaca community.

“The public are the police or police are the public and when we do our jobs right we are working collaboratively as one unit.” said Chief Nayor.

Nayor will have his official swearing in ceremony on September 27th at 11:00 inside the Ithaca Police Department.