Corning, NY (WENY) -- A wave of color dawned the outside of a brew house in Corning's northside. The large mural, symbolizes growth and a staying optimistic about about the future, for some Corning Painted Post School district students.

This mural graces the back wall of Carey's Brew House, right off Bridge Street. It's sheer size doesn't do the justice to the feeling it emits. The hope is that the piece known as “Transcendence” will tell the story of students future hopes and dreams and reflect on their place in the community.

Around 5:15 pm, the ribbon was cut unveiling “Transcendence” to the world.

A crowd cheered following the ribbon cutting of the student masterpiece. ”Transcendence” the 11th Alley Art project. “Transcendence” was done through the partnership of the Rockwell museum and the Corning Painted Post school district.

“The imagery is inspired by our collection. so we have a bronze sculpture on view titled harmony by Tammy Garcia.” said the Youth and Family programs educator, Amy Ruza.

Like Harmony, “Transcendence” means something difference for everyone. Over 30 students took part in painting the wall and many of the painters drew inspiration from 9 designers who each painted an individual smaller piece. The paintings are directly reflected in the wall.

So what does for designer DaisyMay Watkins?

“Everything that happens around the world revolves around something and there's positive energy everywhere and Lotus flowers are like healing and positive energy, and the different crystals are healing.” said Watkins, a high school senior.

Though “Transcendence” is the 11th Alley Art project in Corning it's just the 2nd painting in North Corning. For Watkins, working on “Transcendence” is her second time working on an art project.

“I definitely came out of my shell with painting more, being able to confidently put a brush on a building that's going to be there for a while.” said Watkins.

The idea for the Alley Art project started back in January. The ribbon cutting signified the long process which included around 3 months of painting.

“I think a lot of our students and a lot of people enjoy something that's hand on and this is an opportunity for them to come out and participate and be active.” said Coordinator and Lead teacher, Dave Quackenbash.

The painting will certainly bring people out and when asked what Watkins hopes people will get out of transcendence?

“Honestly take it however you want. it doesn't have to be what we're saying it is. take it how you persevere it.” said Watkins.