Much cooler air is on the way to the Twin Tiers later on this week, but not without a chance for more rain across the region. Over the next three days, we could see upwards of 2" of rain for some locations which could prompt some isolated flash flooding. Overall, we are still running a deficit for annual rainfall, but with the rain coming down in such a short amount of time, some minor flooding is possible. That's not the biggest story however. A cold front will roll through, with the chance for that rainfall just mentioned, but also with much cooler and chilly air.

This cold front will push through during the morning hours Wednesday and drop temperatures throughout the day Wednesday. Highs on Thursday, even cooler. We will struggle to make our way into the upper 50s for highs and by Friday night, we could be looking at the seasons first freeze. Make sure you have those heavier jackets ready for the upcoming Fall weather this week!