WATKINS GLEN, N.Y.(WENY)-- Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer visited the Finger Lakes today to announce that he is pushing for the trade and tax beaurue to allow the manufacturing of wine in single cans. He finds that this will be beneficial to not only the consumers, but also to all of the local wineries who wish to sell these cans. 

"So we are here to tell the TTB (Trade and Tax Bureau) that they need to change, they need to change. It is not fair and there is no rational any longer, maybe in 1827," says Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader.

TTB allows beer to be sold in cans of any size, but their regulations only allow wine and harder cider above 6.9% alcohol content to be sold in "less popular can sizes" such as 12.7 oz. The 8.4oz cans, which are also very popular and portable, have to be sold in three to four packs and can not be sold as singles.

The senators goal is to be able to make cans just like this one accessible to the public so they won't necessarily have to buy a whole four-pack and the owner of the Lakewood Vineyard says that will make sales so much easier, especially for people who haven't tried that specific kind of wine just yet.

"We've always had like the 250mL can because we feel it's a responsible serving size rather than a 375mL which is half of a bottle of wine, it's more of a commitment and a single can serving of 250mLs, a third of a bottle, you know it's probably safe serving," says Chris Stamp, President and Wine Maker at LakeWood Vineyards.


Both the president of the vineyard and Schumer told WENY News that this will be great for those who want to just have one drink and not have to worry about carrying around a bottle and or buying a whole pack and Schumer thinks that this do well especially with the younger generation. 

"For people who want the cans and it tends to be the younger people why not, but older people may want the cans and younger people may want the bottles. Let's let people have what they want, it makes no sense to have these limits," says Schumer.

Schumer told WENY News that if everything goes well and the red tape is cut through, he hopes to see these cans being sold later in 2020