MANSFIELD, PA.(WENY)-- Mansfield University received funding from the Governor Tom Wolf's administration to help expand their student and staff training on sexual misconduct awareness. The campaign not only speaks on domestic violence but specifically highlights violence on college campuses. It's used to train student and staff leaders on how to prevent, address, and respond to sexual violence. 

"The awareness that's needed for freshmen as they come on to campus and all the way through college, just an awareness of sexual assault when it's presented, how do you report it, what mechanisms are there for anonymous reporting. All of that becomes part of the campus culture today," says Charles Patterson, President of Mansfield University. 

Student leaders with the campaign want to make it known to all of those dealing with sexual violence that they are not alone.

"Just to know their not alone, no matter, like I said before, no matter the size, you're never alone. It can be the quietest person it could be the most predominate person in the school that has had a problem or is someone who has done something and making sure that people know they can talk to someone and they won't be judged is really important," says Catherine James, Student Leader of the "It's On Us" Campaign for Mansfield University. 

For anyone who was unable to make it out to plant a red flag on Wednesday, the University will be hosting a candlelight vigil right here at the end of South Hall  right in the South Mall area, for anyone who would like to come and speak about domestic violence or just hold a candle in silence. 

You can click here to learn more about the grant and the "It's On Us" campaign at Mansfield University.