BLOSSBURG, PA (WENY) - If you have any social media account, chances are you've seen the incredible one-handed interception made by North Penn-Mansfield 8th grader Karson Dominick. What you haven't read is Dominick's account of the play, and the craziness that followed.

Dominick made the interception with the Panthers leading 26-20 with just a minute and 30 seconds left at the Panther 5 yard line. The play clinched a win for North-Penn Mansifeld Junior High. Dominick says, "I didn't know I was capable of doing that. I was going over to try and knock it away, but I just went up and caught it." 

His initial reaction was much like any one who saw the incredible play. He says, "I was surprised. I just looked up and all of my teammates were around me, like congratulating me like, you did it!" 

One person who wasn't surprised: Karson's father, and North Penn-Mansfield Junior High Assistant Coach, Jason Dominick. He says, "Truthfully, that's where as his dad, I see him making that catch all the time. Him and one of his friends, one of his good friends Cooper who's also on the team, number 12, they make those plays every day. They're playing catch, they're trying to do silly stuff like that. I had no doubt that he caught it because I've seen it multiple times."

Karson's uncle put the play on Twitter, and the whirlwind ensued from there. Jason says, "One of our assistant coaches, Coach Bogaczyk put it up there too, which kind of just exploded after that." 

Unlike many kids in the social media age if they were in his cleats, Karson wasn't phased by the attention. Jason says, "He doesn't even recognize that stuff. I mean, he might be the only 14 year-old kid in the nation without a cell phone. He's just not into that stuff. He's into playing football and basketball and baseball. That's what he wants to do."

There was one moment particularly special for Karson. The play was picked up by ESPN's SportsCenter's social media pages. He says, "I thought that was pretty cool because I've watched SportsCenter all my life. Watch it every night, the Top Plays. I was just surprised I made it on." 

Karson reached the pinnacle when he was featured on Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Randy Moss's "Monday Night Countdown" segment on ESPN, "You Got Mossed!" Karson says. "I thought that was really cool because Randy Moss is a great football player. He played for the Vikings, he was a Hall of Famer. He was an amazing player and he talked about me. It was pretty cool that North Penn got recognized on national TV."

Despite all of the attention, there's one thing that sticks out above all else for Karson. He says, "It means more to me that we won the game because if they scored they would have won the game, probably. It just means more to me that we won."