ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Extended Budget Committee in Tompkins County is now recommending that the 2020 budget be amended.

The amended budget would increase use or reserves by $324,402 by increasing the county tax levy. The increase of 2.75 percent would translate to an increase of $12.69 in the tax bill for a median-valued $190,000 home.

An amendment to increase revenue projections by $100,000 was approved by a 12-2 vote. The amendment sponsor says such an amendment is in order in part due to the county's sold sales tax receipts to date and strong fund balance.

Human Services Coalition

$18,000 in one-time funding was added to support a part-time case management position at OAR's Endeavor House. Endeavor House houses men returning to the community after prison.

By unanimous vote, $50,000 in three-year one-time funding was restored to provide continue funding for Continuum of Care efforts to end homelessness. Legislators cited the program's success over the past three years in supporting multiple initiatives to support housing and prevent homelessness.

Contingent Fund

Legislators restored $50,000 in three-year one-time funding moved to the Contingent Fund, to support a Landlord Liason. The allocation supports a person for landlords to contact regarding housing issues, with the hopes that landlords would be more likely to accept renters with housing choice vouchers.

In a new addition to the budget, legislators approved $25,000 in one-time funding to support the City of Ithaca's Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program.

Cooperative Extension

Without dissent, legislators approved $18,000 in one-time funds to provide "bridge" funding for the Urban Outreach program, which provides after-school and mentoring support. The allocation is to help bridge the gap between program revenue and expenses while new sources of revenue are being developed.

By a 12-2 vote, legislators approved $20,000 in multi-year funding -- one-time funding for two years -- for coordinated food system planning through the development of a local Food System Plan.

A third Cooperative Extension funding proposal, which would have allocated $12,000 in one-time funding to support design of CCE's Strategic Plan, failed by a vote of 5-9.

District Attorney

By unanimous vote, the source of funding for the Confidential Investigator in the DA's office was changed from target to three-year one-time funds, totally $83,702.